Croatia's leading team of Drupalexperts. We are a digital experience company providing web services to clients worldwide. Our expert web solutions team works on the cutting edge of open source technology and best practices to deliver compelling user experiences.

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Drupal Web Development

Drupal is a powerful and flexible open-source CMS platform that we choose to create engaging websites and mobile apps, providing the functionality your brand needs to succeed. Our team of project managers and expert Drupal developers will successfully meet and exceed your project requirements.


Drupal Module Development

We have contributed many modules to Drupal community, some of which are used by thousands of sites. See our provider listing on Drupal Marketplace.


Website Migration

Migration to Drupal from Wordpress, Joomla, Adobe CMS or any custom CMS...


Apache Solr

Solr is a standalone enterprise search server with a REST-like API providing blazing fast search!


Responsive Website Design and Development

Responsive design and development prepares websites for seamless user experience across multiple devices regardless of screen size. Having a responsive website optimised for mobile web increases conversion rates and overall traffic.


Drupal Commerce

We use Drupal Commerce which integrates eCommerce, content and community to create engaging web experiences that bring our clients more traffic to drive more results. Using Drupal Commerce, our expert developers can build a custom eCommerce solution that is perfect for your business.



Skype and email consulting to help you solve your issues.


Web Hosting

High performance, security and availability web application hosting. Pricing plans

Additional Services

We build Chrome and Firefox extensions too!
We build hybrid applications that combine regular phones, web, SMS and other communication tools in a variety of ways, using VoIP Drupal innovative framework.
Installation of Unix servers, LAMP configuration, performance optimizations, debugging and consulting.

Drupal AssociationOrganization Member

Drupal Association Organization Member

Due to our contributions, we've been listed as Drupal service provider in the official Drupal service providers directory.

About us

We are the largest Drupal development agency in Croatia (EU), housing 20 team members and steadily growing. Included in our team are some of the top developers and designers in the field.

Our main services include
Architecture and Planning, Drupal Web Development and Design, Drupal optimized Server Hosting and Drupal consulting. Occasionally, we develop iOS applications and browser extensions.


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Agile development workflow

Discovery phase
Design & Development
Quality Assurance

Our main tool is Agile development methodology, using Scrum framework. All our team members are trained by certified Scrum master. Every project goes through Discovery phase and is broken into small tasks (backlog) ready for Design & Development. From those tasks team members create next 'sprint' during each Sprint planning based on client priorities. During the sprint everyone is focused on what needs to be achieved during that stage.

At the end of each sprint, team members and project stakeholders review whats stories are done during Sprint review. QA team then separately takes all stories from sprint and start testing cycle. Team members begin brainstorming about the next sprint during Sprint grooming. Then cycle repeats with Sprint planning for next sprint.

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Our Headquarters

  •   Address: Svetice 21, Zagreb, Croatia (EU)
  •   Phone: +385 (1) 4646 482
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  •   Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm CET
  •   Saturday + Sunday - Closed